• The Essence of GlobalLab

      GlobalLab is an online platform that facilitates collaborative student projects using crowdsourcing.

      What makes GlobalLab's collaborative projects truly unique are their crowdsourcing capabilities, or more specifically, the variation of their form that came to be known as citizen science.

      GlobalLab collaborative projects can be used to manage project-based work related to any academic discipline, from mathematics to sociology.

      How does it work?

      Each project participant completing a small experiment or study comparable in difficulty to regular lab work or an individual school project

      The results of the experiment or study are then entered into a shared database.

      Based on the data sent in by student participants from all over the world, the cumulative results are displayed as various infographic widgets, including maps, diagrams, galleries, tag clouds and more.

      The cumulative results can be used for the value of the new knowledge they present, serve as a discussion topic or a jumping-off point for new projects.