• GlobalLab Schools

    • What is a GlobalLab school (GL school)?

      A GlobalLab school (or GL school) is a profile page of an educational institution (a school, a youth center, an afterschool program) on our website.

      Such a page can have multiple groups and project including those that are accessible for these GL school students (members) only.

    • Who can create a GL school page?

      You can create a school if you have a GlobalLab Pro subscription plan.

      That what makes the difference between GlobalLab Advanced and GlobalLab Pro paid subscription plans.

      With a GlobalLab Pro you can also:

      • publish an unlimited number of projects,
      • create private projects accessible only to you GL school members
      • create, store, and print members’ portfolios
      • keep records of members’ activity, progress, and awards,
      • export projects’ findings in popular formats,
      • receive GL’s online consulting sessions on technical and methodological issues,
      • receive GlobalLab diplomas and certificates.
    • Who can manage a GL school?

      The school’s “administrators (admins)” manage a GL school page.

      An educational institution that has purchased a GlobalLab Pro plan assigns some of its members as administrators granting school admin rights.

      Admins edit and manage school profile page, create groups, invite other GlobalLab participants to join this GL school groups, publish public and private projects.

    • What is the difference between a GL group and a GL school?

      - A GlobalLab Pro plan allows up to 30 or 1000 individual member accounts within one GL school. When school administrators allow, a school participant receives an GlobalLab Advanced subscription.

      - School administrators and participants can publish unlimited number of projects.

      - All school participants can publish private projects, available only for the school’s participants

      - School administrators and participants can monitor members activity.

      - School administrators and participants can create groups within the school.

      - All school participants can store, export and print their portfolios.

    • What does it mean to monitor school members activity?

      To monitor school members activity means to have access for browsing the following statistics:

      1. Activity chart of all of the school members (based on the number of the Report Forms submitted by the school members and other types of participation).
      2. Activity chart of the school groups (based on the number of the Report Forms submitted by the groups and its participants).
      3. Projects popularity chart (based on the number of the Report Forms submitted to the projects and number of Likes).

    • How can I create a GL school for my educational institution?

      1. Sign in to the GlobalLab web site.

      2. Make sure your that your current plan is a GlobalLab Pro (this is the only plan that allows you to create GL schools)

      3. Go to My Profile page (click on your username in the upper right corner and select My Profile in the dropped down menu).

      4. Click on the Create a school button

      5. Enter your GL school name. We suggest that you use your actual school name, or example, Lynnfield Clear Water Middle School.

      6. Add a short description, location and upload an image for your school profile. Then click on Save.

    • How can I invite members to a GL school?

      1. First you need to create a new group within your GL school (you can create unlimited number of groups within your school).

      2. Create a new group within your GL school by clicking on the Create a new group button at the bottom of the page.

      3. Enter the new group’s name and upload an image for the group profile page.

      4. Now you can add members to this group by clicking on the Invite members button.

      5. If you are inviting members that have a GL account (have registered on the GL website), you can search for them by their username or name. If you are not sure whether they are registered on the website or not, just enter their email and if they have a GL account, their username will pop up in the list. If you are inviting new participants that do not have a GL registration yet, you can send them an email.

      6.You can always check what invitations have been accepted and what are still pending. This information is available on your GL school profile page.

      7. All your GL schools and groups pages are accessible from your profile page.

    • How can I transfer subscriptions to my GL school?

      To transfer subscriptions to your GL school you need to:

      1. Open your GL school profile page (accessible from your profile page).

      2. Click the Edit button on your school page.

      3. Go to the 2. Subscription transfer tab.

      4. Under My subscriptions you will see all available subscriptions.

      5. Select the subscriptions (check the expiration date) and the number of subscriptions.

      6. Click on the Transfer to school button.

    • How can I distribute subscriptions among the school members?

      Your school participants may have expired subscriptions or no subscriptions to start with. Here is how you can distribute subscriptions among your school members.

      1. Open your school page.

      2. Click the Edit button on your school page.

      3. On your school edit page go to the 3. Subscription distribution among members tab.

      4. Select the subscriptions you want to distribute. (Check the expiration date).

      5. Select participants you want to transfer subscriptions to from the list. (Important: if a participant has a paid subscription, check its expiration date before you transfer a new subscription).

      6. Click on the Transfer subscription button.

      Important: the number of the selected participants should not exceed the number of the subscriptions for transfer. Otherwise the Transfer subscription button will not be active.