1. What is your research question?

    באיזה אופן תרבות הפנאי ואופי הבילויים שונים ממקום למקום ברחבי העולם?

    Каким образом культура досуга и природа развлечений отличаются от места к месту по всему миру?

    In what way is the culture of leisure and the nature of entertainment different from place to place around the world?

    Tell us more about why you think your idea is so important or interesting

    This is an interesting idea to me. It provides a snapshot of cultural differences around the world. So we can understand the other better

    How did you come up with this idea?

    I know some people around the world, but the picture is not clear enough and I would like to refine it through appropriate research.

    What would be the best way to find an answer to your research question?

    Everyone can share their entertainment and culture habits so that a global snapshot can be built.

    Why do you need help or data from other people? How can GlobalLab help you?

    This platform has all the tools to conduct extensive research.


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