1. Дети войны

    • All live in peace and friendship

      To understand the mystery of the Russian people, his greatness,

      you need a good and deeply learn his past:

      our history, indigenous sites,

      her tragic and creative era ...
      AN Tolstoy

      The Great Patriotic War began June 22, 1941 and ended on May 9, 1945. It lasted 1,418 days.
      May 9, 1915 we will celebrate the 70 Anniversary of the Great Victory. When people talk about the war, remember its heroes, their victories. We would like to project "Russia, my favorite" remember the children of war. This war took their childhood.
      Site GlobalLab we have chosen because it is a great research platform, and with it we have been friends for years.
      In this project, the team should have:

      • Find books, online materials for children, war heroes.
      • Noted in the questionnaire, which children - the heroes of the war - he knows the team.
      • Learn who is a local resident, your ancestors during the Great Patriotic War were kids and how they helped to bring victory.
      • Write a short essay on their contribution to the victory, as far as possible to lay out a photo.
      • Draw a picture on this topic, scan it and attach it to the questionnaire.
      • In discussing the write conclusion - his argument on the theme: "Great victory forged everything - from small to large."

      Materials for the study team took in conversations with relatives, fellow villagers, friends.
      The results of this project were 91 completed questionnaires. This huge amount of material.
      Here are a few profiles:

      In the "Discussion" team wrote about the importance of research in their lives.

      • "It is a good project for adults the opportunity once again to look through the pages of history, and for first-graders - to learn about the heroic past of his country, his family. Learn to be tolerant and kind to each other, to appreciate what they have. After all, the world is so fragile, especially noticeable Now, when their peers in Ukraine are children experiencing war. " The "Sun City".
      • "The team" Severyanochka "3 and the class Gymnasium Labytnangi, YANAO. We really enjoyed perform tasks for this project. With this project, we learned more about the fate of many heroes of the Second World War, about the lives of children in wartime, watched a few movies about the war. During the study material in the library, we picked up the material for presentations on classroom hours dedicated celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. We must not forget those who defended freedom and independence of our nation. It is true, says: "Forgotten Past - lost future. "Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this project."
      • "Children of War - and blows cold,
        Children of War s smells hunger,
        Children and war-on end hair:
        On the children's gray hair bangs.
        Earth washed in tears children,
        Children Soviet and Soviet ...
        Their blood Is Red poppies on the parade ground.
        Wilted grass, where the children were crying.
        Children of War - desperate pain
        And how much to them moments of silence! »
      Team members "Homeland Chekhov" responsibly approached the research. Report on the work of its search presented to his classmates. And the search operation including all pupils and parents of our class. All material collected about their relatives, children of war neighborhood, enter the "Book of Remembrance", which decided to create and submit to the school museum.
      We thank the organizers of the project participants. "

      "Sanitarochka" Katya Lebedev

      Proud of the glory of their ancestors is not only possible, but it should not respect thereof have shameful cowardice. AS Pushkin

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