1. Практическая стилистика

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    • For teachers

      The style of a part of the school subject "Russian language".

      This project is good because the style is presented 1) in the practical aspect and 2) in the form of a game.

      Distribute lessons learned or components on the themes of style in the annual curriculum. A total of 12 topics, names, see. Below in the blog - article "The structure of the course."

      A complete set of course materials is laid out (in the near future will be completely laid out) in the section "Multimedia".

      The task for students is formulated in a file with the "game text" after the text. See. Nikita Kozhumyaka - 1 lesson, Coyote and Snake - lesson 2, etc.

      The theory for the lesson given in the tutorial article.

      Separately, a sample of the text studied the genre.

      Your task: to teach children the basic data tutorials, review with them the sample text, immersed in a game situation and, most importantly, give the job to write the text. Let them present themselves loyal subjects of the king, first and help save the princess, and then, in the next lesson - Snake help write a memo on the Coyote, the other lesson - feel real journalists and write a report and will take you about an interview, etc.

      The results lay in the questionnaire design.

      At the end of the year your class will receive diplomas of passing additional. advanced course Practical stylistics.

      Emerging issues write to deliberations, I'd be happy to answer them.

      Sincerely, Catherine N. Boryushkina, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Department of philological disciplines Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education, author and curator

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      You can participate in the project once, if you are interested in some specific topic. For example, you want to learn how to make a report. Or do you have the opportunity to pass a holistic course - to participate in all 12 subjects of the project (time - until mid-May), to obtain 12 credits from the curator of the project and receive a diploma of attendance. To join the project, you can at any time, in any month.

      What is in each theme of the project?

      Task 1. For example, write a business letter.

      Article 2, which explains the rules of writing the text (for example, "How to make a business letter?"). It should be carefully examined.

      3 A sample of the text (eg, "A sample business letter"). You are viewing the sample and answer the questions for self-examination, the data below.

      4 Game Text (eg "Nikita Kozhumyaka"). This is the text of a fairy tale or thin. works, which organizes the situation for writing text. This file is represented by a task topics (for example, write a business letter on behalf of the king to Nikita Kozhemyako to help return the princess back home). You are viewing the text game, immersed in the situation and start to write the text. Lay out the text in the application project and wait for verification of its curator.

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    • Course Structure

      The course consists of 12 topics:

      1 Business Letter

      2 Memorandum

      3 Explanatory memorandum

      4 Announcement

      5 Petition

      6 blog entry

      7 Memoirs

      8 Reports

      9 Interview

      10 An encyclopedic article

      11 Conversation

      12 Story

      Thus, the course covers all styles of speech (the official business, scientific, journalistic, conversational and artistic) and introduces some of the major genres of each.

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      Dear friends!

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