1. Имя Чкалова на карте мира

    • In the name of the street named after V. P.Chkalova reflects the history of our village and our country Tevriz.

      In the village Tevriz a street Chkalov. I decided to conduct a study and find out when our village was formed Chkalov st. The studies were conducted between September and October 2015.

      To summarize my research, I have concluded that:

      • 1.Predpolozhenie that Chkalov Street is named after a famous person confirmed.
      • 2.Nelzya return of the deceased Valery Chkalov, but it is possible to perpetuate his memory, for example, in our village - the name of the street.
      • 3.Ulitsa Chkalov is named after the pilot of the USSR. He first made thro flight from Moscow to Vancouver via the North Pole.
      • 4. If every resident of the village Tevriz since childhood and would be interested to know the history of his native land, the story of his street, he will transmit this information from generation to generation, that privёt interest in the history of his native land and love for the motherland.
      • 5. I conducted monitoring among the villagers. Analysis of the monitoring showed that the younger generation tevrizyan lost in the memory of the name of Valery Chkalov.

      6. In our country there is a good tradition - to name the streets of towns and villages the names of worthy people of our country. We can not forget their heroes, who left a great indelible mark in the hearts of the people of our country. Valery Chkalov made a lot for the domestic aviation, contributed greatly to its development. I would like to street worthy bore his name.

      7. In my project "Chkalov name on the world map" online GloblLab participated for 8 people. Nice to know that the online Global lab my school project about Chkalov supported. He successfully passed moderation. Each of the participants, filling the questionnaire developed by me, sent a few photos of memorials dedicated to VP Chkalov. These memorials are located in different parts of our homeland. So my hypothesis is that in Russia there are many memorial sites dedicated to VP Chkalov, confirmed. In the questionnaire, I asked the participants to express their opinion about those people who have contributed to the benefit of our country. All my filled the questionnaire agree that we need to remember their heroes and learn from them.

      The study confirms the hypothesis that I put forward:

      a) During operation, had to learn the history of the origin of the names of some streets Tevriz, which allowed a better understanding of the history of not only their city, but also of our country.

      b) the name of the street is really closely related to the fate of the hero - Valery Chkalov. Personality VP Chkalov for many generations of Soviet people has become a symbol of courage, heroism and loyalty to the homeland. Do not count the number of young people he drew him into aviation. He risked his life only in order to give people a good, high-quality, thoroughly tested the car, but also to glorify the motherland. Chkalov was a great pilot. He made an enormous contribution to the development of our aviation.

      c) I found out that in Russia there are many memorial sites dedicated to VP Chkalov. Monuments dedicated to VP Chkalov, is not only in Russia but also abroad. Street name Chkalov in our village Tevriz, connected both with the history of my city, and the history of the whole country. And in a study of the name of the street, I expanded my knowledge, not only on the history of his native village. But the history of Russia.

      To know the exact date of the formation of the street we looked in the archives of the Administration Tevrizsky municipal district of the Omsk region, in Tarski branch KU "Historical Archive of Omsk Region", the Administration Tevrizsky Tevrizsky urban settlement area of ​​the Omsk region, in Tevrizsky Local History Museum. KP Koshukova. However, accurate information and be found. Employees Tevrizsky Historical Museum helped us in the search. Thanks to them, we found newspaper clippings from the past years the regional newspaper "Pravda Severa". From the article "Our Native Land" of the newspaper "Pravda Severa" number 28 dated 06 March 1990, we learned the following: "In place of the current street Chkalov, Plyusnina cooperatively arranged randomly constructed a dozen homes belonging to the back alley in the old days who was wearing name - the farm. "And this article, and the stories of the old-timers are reduced to one - Chkalov st, and situated near her street - wearing one name back alley. Street was formed between 1949 po1951 years. And she once was named after Chkalov. Holidays street Chkalov was conducted. If they were, then the information we could find in the historical museum. And it could set a date for the formation of the street. In the article "Being Peter's Street" newspaper "Pravda Severa" number 140 of November 26, 1991, we learned that in the Soviet period, the street name given by the decision of the executive committee Tevrizsky village council. According to this article, a great influence on the assignment of names of streets or renaming streets in the names of the heroes of the Soviet Union had the first secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan Tevrizsky Comrade I. Kopyltsov.

      "With the acquiescence tevrizyan half street lost its former names at the whim of one man."

      In this article, there is not any dates. But we can assume that the decision on the formation of the street Chkalov was spontaneous. The street, which was formed in a back alley, named after Chkalov, because it has decided to Comrade I. Kopyltsov. The data obtained from the newspaper "Pravda Severa" lead to the conclusion that the Communist Party propaganda strongly affected in those years on the origin and the renaming of streets in our village. Street names in the Soviet period was to carry the meaning of cultural heritage, the heroes of the USSR. Therefore Krasnoyarsk street renamed the street Marshal Zhukov, in Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street, the street Petrovsky - Gurteva in the street and so on. D.

      It is hoped that this research will be a useful tool to attract the attention of lovers of history and local lore, would contribute to the noble patriotic cause - the identification, research, conservation and efficient use of information about the origin and meaning of the streets, including, as a cultural heritage Tevrizsky Omsk region . I believe that this research can be supplemented in the future with the new data. The "Name Chkalov on the world map" published online October 12, 2015. I intend to continue to gather more information on this topic.

      I also would like to see in our village has been commemorative plaque in honor of Valery Chkalov, in honor of Marshal Zhukov, Nikolai Plyusnina, Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbysheva and others. To the locals and visiting people better navigate the Tevriz, you can create a brochure, in kotoroybudut listed - Tevriz street names and their location. In this brochure you can provide information about the origin of the names of these streets.

      Now I am proud to walk on the street home.

      Tevriz continues to build. There are new residential areas, and the names of new streets will reflect the new history of the village and the country. Nowadays, when we worked so hard to revive their spirituality and appeal to their roots, remember that our village is first mentioned in documents in 1875, as the Russian settlement of state peasants. In every generation tevrizyan had its worthy representatives. We can keep the memory of them in the names of the streets of our village.

      We are obliged to keep carefully in mind the names of streets, alleys. They - a reminder of the rich history, a link with our ancestors. That is why the names of streets - is monuments. And that means - it is our history. Human wisdom tells us: "Only a country in which citizens remember his past, is worthy of the future."

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