1. Я и природа

    • Poaching.

      Poaching (from fr. braconnier - poacher; originally - "dogs hunter") - hunting (as well as commercial fishing , amateur fishing , logging, collection of plants, and so on. d.), violating the legislation on the protection of the environment .


      Fall under the definition of poaching following cases hunting and fishing:

      • On an unspecified statutory period - during the breeding season hunting of wildlife is prohibited.
      • Without a properly issued the permit or license or in excess of quotas.
      • With the use of weapons , technical and pyrotechnic means forbidden by law to be used in hunting.
      • From any land and air transport; with the boats with the engine running; under water - with breathing apparatus.
      • Performed on protected natural areas ( nature reserves , national parks ).
      • Animals in which hunting is conducted belong to rare or endangered species and protected by law .

      Poaching is only illegal hunting of wild animals and wild plants production. Extraction of domestic animals and cultivated plants in the absence of the owner is considered theft .

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    • Irbis.

      One of the endangered animals

      snow leopard, also called a snow leopard or panther is a beautiful and mysterious cat. Relatively large predator - weighs 30 -50 kg. He lives in the high mountains and difficult to access in the territory of central Russia, Mongolia, western China and Tibet, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan on Himalayan part of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ирбис (снежный барс)
      Is the kind of endangered extraordinarily rare vision of man. Their soft, gray fur with dark brown speckles is outstanding prey of hunters, even in spite of the prohibition of trade in many countries. Body snow leopards overgrown with unusually long, fluffy wool. This fur is not only proud, but also a curse snow panther. Dresses of leather snow leopards were once extremely popular in the fashion world. Although already a long time are not subject to international trade, but the bottles with snow leopards found still possible in stores Mongolia, China and Thailand.

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