1. Компьютерная лексика и сленг

    • How to choose a word for the study?

      Greetings to all participants of the project and willing to participate in it!

      In this project we want to collect a variety of terms and slang words that are related to computer topics. And of course the first thing to select a word for the study. How do you choose that word? How to determine what it refers to computer-related? I hope that by answering these questions, you can determine whether your computer for word category:

      When there was about your word? Were at that time already computers? If computers at the time was not yet, after their appearance changed if the value of the word and the new value associated with computers? And if you imagine that computers do not exist, would you use this word when communicating?

      Look at an example.

      • let's say you have chosen the word "engine". This word was invented around the middle of the nineteenth century. At that time, computers had not been invented. But after the invention of computers, the meaning has changed, and it has nothing to do with computers. So, take this word for the study is not necessary.
      • let's say you have chosen the word "mother." This word appeared a long time ago, even at the dawn of mankind, when the computer was not exact. But with the advent of computers, there was a term motherboard. And in speaking we began this part of computers called simply "mother." Accordingly, with the advent of computer technology, the remains of the old meaning of the word "mother", but there was also a new, true :) So it's a slang word can be used.
      • let's say you have chosen the word "Internet." This word appeared recently and its appearance is directly related to the advent of computers. So it refers to computer-related and can be used for research.
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