1. Конфликт в литературе, кино и мультипликации

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    • The victim and offender - subjective notions?

      Dear friends!

      Thank you all for participating in the project. Very interesting thoughts suggested Profile Anastasia .

      She tells about the work of AS Pushkin's "The Tale of the Golden Fish".

      As you remember, the old man catch a goldfish and let her go for the fulfillment of desire, but the old woman was dissatisfied with the decision of her husband all the time and send him to the Golden Fish ask for more and more benefits. And only when the old woman wished to become the mistress of the marine and keep Goldfish in their premises, fish rebelled and deprived of all the old woman previously given benefits for its gluttony and greed.

      Thank you Anastasia for what she thought of this beautiful story!

      Very interesting point: in the "Completion of the conflict" Anastasia points out that "The offender has not fulfilled the desire of the victim, all returned to their seats and the conflict has come to naught."

      It makes us wonder - as do we all perceive the same offender and victim in the product? After work and fulfill ambitious, greedy desires old woman forced to fish. But in the end it was she able to take revenge and with nothing left an old woman, and we can assume that last a lifetime. It turns out that one can choose for themselves who find the right and who sympathize?

      And you can look at your favorite pieces "the other side" and articulate - and for that you can feel sorry for the one who is usually considered wrong?

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