1. Метеозависимость – это правда или вымысел?

    • Meteodependent - it's true!

      Among the participants of the project, more than half are people with health problems and shows a diagram than older people, the more health problems it arises.

      By studying the dependence of being on the air temperature, we see that it has worsened in 31 project participant at a temperature above + 28 ° C

      In the following chart we can see that the optimal moisture content for the person - 38-50%, the most difficult to tolerate low humidity. As can be seen in the histogram 52 participants experiencing deterioration of dry air and high humidity of 26.

      High atmospheric pressure affects the well-being of the majority of participants.

      Thus, 62.6% of all project participants consider themselves meteodependent.

      Of these, the least meteodependent in the age group up to 12 years, and the most in two categories - is 35-50 years of age and over 51 years, that is precisely in this category of participants, we observed health problems. Thus meteozavisimost there and it manifests itself with age in people with any deviations in their health.

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