1. Осенняя палитра листьев

    • Slavic leaf month ...

      "In October of empty forests and fields. No human voices or cries of birds. Just heard in October - the wind. The wind whistles in a tough stubble in the fields and in the woods naked boughs. Wind drives the clouds across the sky and the waves on the water. The wind tore off the last leaves of the trees, and driving south past flocks of migratory birds. Wind buzzing in wires, banging the windows. Wind, wind everywhere. Riotous wind-flatter! "N. sweet.

      Our ancestors called the month, which now bears the Latin name for "October" or eighth (Romans began the year in March), falling leaves. As we have discussed before the mid-late October leaf ends.

      We'll talk more about Falling Leaves in Moscow courtyards and on the signs of autumn. Here are two photographs, which are made from a single point.

      Look to the left - it seems that even in September, all green leaves, all the leaves still on the trees. Just the thing is that in this part of the yard growing hybrid poplar and cherry, which has not dropped leaves, and even the color did not change.

      A Look to the right - there is ash-leaved maples and limes have long been circled. However, there are exceptions, some lilac bushes and two European linden, who later fly around our local small-leaved limes, but still does not turn yellow. At least this autumn color changes were observed.

      And if you look closely at the ground, we can see that most of the dead leaves lay seamy side up. The side where clearly visible bulging veins. Meanwhile, there is a sign: "leaf fall face up - to the icy winter, wrong side up - the winter is warm." We saw a variety of leaves wrong side up, not only the leaves of aspen. Let's see how true this sign!

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    • Term of November

      Each plant has its own length of leaf fall is observed, but the defoliation may occur at different times depending on weather conditions late summer and fall. In the literature, it is reported that in central Russia celebrated the beginning of leaf fall in the second half of September and ends in mid-October. At the same time there are trees that are literally showered in two weeks, for example, lime, and there are trees whose leaf is very long. For example, birch trees begin to be painted in yellow color in late August, the first birch leaves on the paths of the parks, in the woods, on the sidewalk in the city appear at the beginning of September, and after that can save birch leaves to the end of October. The duration of leaf fall about two months ... Our observations confirm the fact that under certain weather conditions, the tree can fly for several hours. This fall, we watched the mass falling leaves in a very windy day, the next morning, many of the observed trees circled (maple, birch few).

      This fall, we believe that the main leaf completed by the end of October, rather than the middle. The beginning of autumn has been unusually warm. October 28-29 on the territory of our research proved most leafless trees. Save some leaves of birch, poplar few, all kinds of willows. It is interesting that Salix pentandra still not acquiring autumn color, its green leaves fall. Not fallen down and did not change the color of leaves of lilac and cherry leaves (they are also almost all of the trees still green). But the most interesting behavior of European linden. For Moscow - it is an introduced species. Unlike linden - our local species, which turn yellow early and quickly flies, lime green, foreigners are in full foliage. Leaves with them slowly fly around without changing color. It is also not yet complete defoliation of larch.

      Here for example is now so look our yards. The fact that yellow is far ahead - a birch.

      In this picture the left side of a group of larch trees and a lone yellow and crumbling brown (all the others in the area circled for a long time), and the right side - two birches.

      Tell us about the timing of leaf fall in your region in the comments!

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