1. Поэзия цветочного мира

    • Results of the first month

      That was the first month after the publication of the draft.

      Fourteen participants filled out questionnaires 19. Leading positions among flowers occupied: Geranium or Pelargonium (3 profiles) and Dandelion (3 questionnaires), in second place - Chamomile (2 profiles). Four participants used color photos taken from the Internet, although the study protocol specified that you want to use your own photos.

      Today, our hypothesis is confirmed, 52.6% of poems about flowers are written by men, 42.1% - women, 5.3% - the author is unknown.

      Although, in this case, to sign the "unknown author of poems" a little bit incorrectly.

      In the poem:

      "Hug a daisy

      White daisy,

      And standing in an embrace -

      Heart wide open! ... "Is the author - Yunna Moritz!

      Project participants should be more careful!

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