1. О дивной Розе

    • Сказка о розах ,коллекция роз


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    • Green roses

      To grow green roses, you need to plant a rose bush near the plant called "ostrokrov" (vyazozheld evergreen, shrub with spiny leaves and red berries poisonous). When ostrokrov accept and begin to grow, you need to split one of his escape, thread the split in this pink twig on most point and bend. Further splitting bite and tied with hemp so that pitting could not pass air. When a point located on the other side ostrokrova on pink twig will escape immediately should release it from splitting, why on pink flowers will be obtained shoots of green.

      To grow a rose yellow act also as described above, but instead must put ostrokrova plant called "shilna grass" (plant chituha, pupavnik, water popugagak).

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    • Blue Rose - is that possible?

      Japanese company Suntory announced that on November 3, the shops in the world will receive the first genetically modified blue roses. According HiTech.Expert, experts created a unique variety of colors 14 years.

      New variety, called "Applause", already approved by the Japanese Government Commission for Biological Safety, reports portal russian.cri.cn.

      In nature there is no blue roses, able to create a similar group by implantation of a gene that leads to the synthesis of delphinidin pigment (delphinidin), responsible for the staining in pansy petals.

      The expected price of blue roses - from 2000 to 3000 yen per flower ($ 22 and $ 33, respectively) which is approximately 10 times more expensive than the cost of regular rose in Japan. Export new variety overseas company has no plans.

      Bring natural blue roses tried scientists from many countries of the world, but first success in this direction in 2004 reached a group of Japanese and Australian scientists. They found that blue roses can be obtained by introducing a gene into flowers pansies.

      In 2004, also reported that a method of growing blue roses found American scientist. Media reported that the unusual roses go on sale in the U.S. a year later. However, this prediction was not confirmed.

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