1. Andersen’s fairy tales as text messages

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    • Andersen's Fairy Tales in sms-framework of: the results of the project

      We finally summarize our project competition "Andersen's Fairy Tales in sms-framework of." It was attended by more than 100 people! And we - Publisher "Scooter" - together with the poet and translator of the book "Magic SMS-tale" Tatiana Stamova chosen few to give as a gift book. I admit, it was very difficult - because each of your fairy tale author and very special! And there were wonderful stories that we can not award because their volume is greater than stated in the conditions of 140 characters including spaces. Still, your tale we read with pleasure. Thank you to all who participated in the project - we think the results are very interesting.

      And these are the names of our sms-storytellers who receive a free book Fabian Negrin:

      Neverova Elizaveta (lizaneve)
      Prosekova Rimma Nikolaevna (Scarlet Sails)
      Nikita Neverov, the student grade 4 (nikinever)
      3d secondary school №39 Petrozavodsk (mikhail boshakov)

      Please contact us via e-mail samokat.konkurs@gmail.com , we'll show you how to get the prize.

      We also invite everyone to the meeting with Tatiana Jurevna Stamova March 15 at 12:00 in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Register for the event here: https://mmoma.timepad.ru/event/189183/notify=new_even ..

      Who has the opportunity - do not miss it! We will talk about the art of silhouettes. Who and why use them in his work? How does the shadow theater? And why Fabian Negrin chose this style illustrations for the book? And then everyone will be able to come up with their own fantastic character - it will be necessary to see the silhouette of a pine bark - Tatiana Stamova hold for us on her master class! Please note that this is the day free entrance to the museum - you will have the opportunity to see the exhibition.

      Once again thank you all for your participation! And until we meet again;)

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    • Stories that stood on tiptoe

      Interview with the translator of the book, Fabian Negrin "Magic SMS -skazki" poet Tatiana Stamova


      Tatiana, let's start c SMS, and then move on to the tales. For example, you would normally use SMS messages? Do you have your phone SMS matches that are stored for years, because it was too well written?

      Oddly enough, SMS-ki - not my genre. Use them only when necessary, mainly - communicating with Fyodor and Vanya, my children. "Hello," "Where are you?", "OK" - that's all.

      Remember the well-known expression of Zhukovsky, the translator of prose - a slave, but in verse - a rival? As applicable to your transfer "Magic SMS-tales?". After you have entered a rhyme in them contrary to the original?

      With Zhukovsky can agree. That is a good translator is free and prose. But poetry is really written from scratch. In the case of SMS-tales were true. Someone tried to have them translated, "as it was." It turned out a bit dry - as it is not a child. I was asked to come up with something. And since I am by nature more than a poet, then they took me to rhyme, and - as if stood on tiptoe.

      In your opinion, why Negrin illustrated their SMS-tale using only silhouettes, as in a theater of shadows?

      Could be the answer is simple - because the artist wanted. But I think that's another reason. SMS-tale - this is such a fabulous grain with unusual yet fabulous germ. It does not have any details, not even the names of the characters. And silhouette illustration here suggest themselves: neither individuals nor the costume details ... But what expressive! Most are assigned.

      In the afterword to the book, Fabian Negrin you write about fairy tales that come up on the go kids and quoting his daughter Masha, "I went to a chicken shop. And in the shop all the sellers were crocodiles and dogs. Hen took one dog - and ate! ". Not everyone understands the difference between these children's author and impromptu tales Negrin. Explain, please, what is the latest poetics

      Small child creates almost unconsciously. And materials for creative there are any life experience. For example, a girl with her mother went to the store, and there the seller got rough. And then, or, conversely, to read that they "Chicken Ryaba." Suddenly, the girl came up with its own tale. In general, something all the time melted - like a dream.

      Fabian Negrin takes what most fabulous grain - all familiar story - and grow something new. And he's funny gardener.

      One could call this fabulous parody genre, but I would not. In these micro-tales there are shifters, and horror stories, and play on the word ("rhino"), and even - as in the story of the Queen and the mirror or two chess kings - something of a philosophical parable. Therefore, they can be interesting for both children and adults.

      Many will read the book Gianni Rodari "Tales on the phone." There are that have to grandfather every time to tell her granddaughter on the night a new fairy tale. Do it, he can only call, and even from different cities - so it has an interesting life. Money on calls with his grandfather a little and fairy tales should be short. There is in this book tale about a grandfather who did not know how to tell stories and all mixed up: Little Red Riding Hood he became a yellow, then black, instead of cakes appeared potato peelings, instead of a wolf - a giraffe ... Here Fabian Negrin also decided to play in such a cunning grandfather.

      A "fairy tale on mobile" (as they are called in the original) further shortened. It is hoped that in the future they will not disappear completely. However, Fabian believes that fairy tales remain: "Try to put a fairy tale in the SMS-messages - it means playing, bring them to us and at the same time help them on the way to the future."

      And you were writing fairy tales as a child? Preserved anything to the story?

      His fairy tales that I do not remember. I remember how, in the four tried to compose his first poem, "Burning the moon, the moon is shining / And the stars produces ..." - I said aloud. Then I decided to help the pope: "We were sitting with his mother at the window / And the music plays." I was terribly disappointed. At that moment, when my imagination had already begun to unfold unprecedented fairy worlds, in a moment I was lowered to the ground! (Smiles)

      Stamova Tatiana (Tatiana Vasilieva) - poet and translator of poetry, was born and raised in Moscow, graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Toreza). In her translations published poems of Emily Dickinson, Giacomo Leopardi, John Milton, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Wordsworth, and others. And Tatiana herself writes poetry, short stories and fairy tales for children.

      If you also have questions about the "Magic SMS-tales" - write them in the comments to this interview, and we certainly will forward them to Tatiana Jurevne and publish her ​​answers.

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    • Highest Home SMS to

      His comment to the previous post Yana inspired us to survey. Do sms-ka, which you will never forget in your life? And if so, what is special about it (unless, of course, it's not a secret)?

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    • With pledge!

      Hooray! Our project has already earned and there are the first results from the participants. We hope that the work on the project will be for you (as well as for us) exciting and joyful.

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