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    • Presentation of the Assembly in Rostov-on-Don

      09.23.15 Kushnarev Maxim, one of the sponsors, presented an analysis of the project "In the realm of Morpheus" to "Assembly innovators" in the Rostov Institute of Teacher Training.

      The presentation for the performance of Maxim posted in the Project Library.

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    • The analysis of the project

      By September 1, in this project involved 180 people from different regions of the country. What have we got?

      Please note that the majority of participants in the project - a basic school students (12-15 years). And that's good, because at this age children begin to consider themselves adults and healthy habits to break. Including - to go to bed on time.

      Bedtime for most participants - 22.00

      Lifting time - 7.00

      It turns out that the majority of sleep time from 9 to 7:00. These are good figures, but, unfortunately, 2% of sleeping only 3 hours, which is clearly insufficient.

      But sleepiness during the day feels, at least sometimes, the absolute majority. Only 19% of people do not feel it at all. But then the reasons may be subjective. On a boring lecture, you can go to sleep, even if the night slept well.

      When the man slept, then it is characterized by: creative activity, friendliness, initiative, hard work, good mood. Everyone is pleasant to communicate with such a person.

      If the body is not rested for the night, the passivity, sluggishness, bad mood, irritability and even aggression. This is pleasant to communicate with such a person?

      While many (35%) say that the day can be productive if they do not get enough sleep.

      But the obstacle in time to go to sleep most of our study participants said. Perhaps those who think this way, you have to learn to plan their day jobs and training to carry out early.

      108 people have difficulty falling asleep overload! I think that is to do planning their day and life in general.

      150 concerned the topic because of the low efficiency. Yes, in our fast age need a lot of time to do and reduce its effectiveness because of the lack of sleep is impossible.

      27% of participants believe that the right sleep set for them is impossible. I think that they will pay attention to the answers to 73% of the participants and change their position. All the obstacles we set ourselves, and therefore we can only remove them ourselves.

      Airing rooms and a walk before going to bed is considered the most effective for improving the quality of sleep.

      And the conclusions of each participant showed awareness and concern about this issue. Note that it is necessary to go to bed at the same time, less tired, plan your day ...

      In GlobalLab valuable projects that participants can communicate on the issue of the project and express their opinions. Wednesday it is safe and is designed specifically to support the students. Anonymous members and anonymous statements not.

      Therefore, in this discussion may medium, such as, in this project. So, Maxim Kushnarev expressed the idea of ​​the need to plan, and the guys objected, relying on the fact that so many sections and groups that plan is still not obtained. But he was talking about and that we should not take on so many responsibilities, then to overwork and do homework at night. Fully discussion can be found in the section "Discussion".

      For the development of the project received their diplomas from the Austro GlobalLab. There are also reviews and thanks. For example, a teacher of chemistry and biology of the Omsk region Ledeneva Galina thanked for the project and invited their students to participate. Our students Nastakalov Rasul wrote that he liked the project. This makes me happy.

      The conclusions that we made to work on the project:

      1.Samo part in the project allows you to understand the problem and make personal conclusions.

      2.Bolshinstvo youngest participants of the project and the main schools are trying to go to bed at 22:00 and wake up at 7.00. It is 9:00 sleep. For high school students typically from 5 to 8 hours of sleep.

      3.Bolshinstvo project participants seek support or want to adjust sleep and understand its importance.

      4.Neobhodima constant educational work with students on the organization of sleep.

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    • How fast asleep?

      Dear participants of the project!

      Has not been a month from the date of publication of the draft, and has taken part in it 56 people! And we can draw some conclusions based on our overall results.

      So, from the graph, which is shown below, it is clear that most of the participants in the project can not go to bed on time due to the passion and overload.

      This preparation for lessons, and social network ... Here are some findings from the questionnaire participants in the project:

      . ..Pered Dream try not to sit at the computer for a long time.

      ... Learn to manage your time and stop doing ... the computer.

      ... Do not overload yourself.

      ... Less sit in social networks.

      ... We must not think about nothing ...

      ... Block social network.

      ... Reduce the load.

      ... You just need to reduce the amount of duties that must be performed.

      ... Cancel the second shift at school, coming home in the afternoon.

      As a result of congestion of the brain impressions of bright pictures or monitor the abundance of educational information do not allow a person to fall asleep quickly, to get the right number of hours of full sleep.

      How to fall asleep fast? Of course, if there are many people in the fresh air, playing sports, has a clear mode of the day, he is nothing to worry about. But if it is difficult to fall asleep? On page Facebook «National Geographic Channel» published some simple methods that may be helpful:

      Of course, we are all different and some people may go one way, and someone - else. Try! All methods are absolutely safe to fall asleep fast, and perhaps for someone will be useless ... What is your opinion?

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    • Sleep in the visual arts

      The mysterious nature of sleep - the source of the artist's imagination. I would like to invite participants to get to know some of the project work and to express their opinions in the comments. I liked it or not ... And that interested and want to discuss ...

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