1. Весна в произведениях художников

    • The first results of the project

      Dear colleagues,

      Our project was successfully launched. According to the first results, we can conclude that before filling in forms colleagues do not see the results, as we have 3 profiles on the same picture. Let's try to create all the same it is a gallery of various paintings, not only of those that come to mind. There are so many artists to create paintings of spring: SV Gerasimov, I. Levitan, Savrasov, F. Vasiliev, LL Kamenev, EE Volkov, GP Kondratenko, AI Welz, FE Ruschits, VN Bags, MH Aladzhalov, Huon, IS Kulikov, KI Gorbatov, DD Burliuk, SA Tutunov. Each painting - special and mixed feelings, someone - something fun, someone - sadness and nostalgia.

      For example, Claude Monet painting - Spring in Giverny

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