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    • Signs of spring in literary works

      Dear friends! Our project is very interesting, because it has a dual purpose, and even double bottom! On the one hand the sponsors, participants, and just for those interested in the results, it is very interesting to see what works anthology of spring we would get. From this point of view, the results of the project are impressive: more than a hundred questionnaires, interesting names, beautiful poetry. "Baratynsky Vyazemskij, Fet, and so on.," As a poet.

      But the project has the second task, to find out exactly how, with the help of some colors and images, poets and writers created a spring in his works. There is a small trick, we know that spring is a series of phenomena in the animate and inanimate nature, and they are all listed options in response to the survey question. But no poet to write directly "June 22 - a day of summer equinox. June 22, the day comes, and June 22, the day begins to decline." The poet says otherwise ... "... two-thirds of June until the twenty-second, standing on tiptoe, summer carefully drawn to the light ..." And the task of the reader to understand what is he talking about stay of daylight, on long summer light in the evening ...

      So that each member of the project should not randomly select five to ten known him personally will spring from the proposed in the application list. Should try to find these signs in poetry (prose) work, compare the poetic image of a rigorous scientific description of signs of spring in the questionnaire design, select only the necessary features.

      Otherwise, we get some strange results. For example, in one of the profiles I have found such a wonderful line writer and naturalist George Skrebitskogo "warmed the spring sun. On the forest clearing snow began to melt. And went another day, another - and it has not left. From the hill on the hollow ran merry brook, filled to the brim with a big, deep pool, overflow to run farther into the forest. "

      Do you think any signs of spring are reflected here? Personally, I would suggest that these are variants of the questionnaire: "The sun begins to warm," "Melting snow", "spring creeks." Maybe, I inadvertently missed something else?

      A questionnaire on I read the following list:

      • The sun begins to warm
      • Snowmelt
      • Spring creeks
      • Bird arrival
      • Gnezdostroenie birds
      • Changes in the lives of wild animals
      • Waking of Insects

      With the first three options, I absolutely agree, but where is at least one insect? Where migratory said Skrebitsky about animals?

      I see two options: Quote incomplete, and all that surprising to me, happened next in the text, or the authors of the questionnaire cooked the rest of the writer, knowing that in the spring and put the birds make nests.

      Let us try to unravel all the artistic images to examine the work and did not introduce myself!

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