1. Вишнёвый лист и снежный покров

    • Cherries in November

      According to many years of observations of the snow cover on average in Moscow is set on November 26. No wonder that there is a sign: if 28 November (and in this day begins Filippov or Advent) snowed, he has until spring melts.

      But our study tries to link the date of the establishment of the state of snow cherry trees. Listopad at Cherry completed by the second half of November. In the first decade of November 2013 and 2014 from Moscow were sent questionnaires with pictures of cherries, which completed the leaf, and the data were cherry, the leaves of which have not yet flown. At the same time, 15 November 2015 were still in cherry leaves. November 15 as the snow fell, which is completely melted November 19 confirming sign. In 2015, Cherry completed the Krylatskoye district defoliation 20th of November. November 22 snowed until today (24 November) it is not melted. In 2013, the snow cover is established on November 26 and in 2014 - 28 of November. There is a possibility that the snow has melted already, because the terms of snow cover are similar (and cherry crumble) ... In this case, we can affirm the correctness of our signs and confirm our hypothesis.

      Caption: "In the summer there were growing apples ... And now there is growing snow ..." Approximately at Bulo Tove Jansson in the "Magic winter". Only we have here in the summer cherries grow. The photo was taken on November 23.

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