1. Вода - живительная сила для нашего организма.

    • Useful information about drinking water

      Dear participants of the project!

      I want to share with you information related to the quality of drinking water. Do you know what kind of water to drink?

      Looking at the first glance equally drinking water from different sources is not always the case. Water can have an unpleasant smell or taste due to harmless side effects from the environment, but the presence of these facts can also be a sign of more serious problems requiring immediate intervention. There are several reasons for the presence of an unpleasant taste or smell in the water. And it is the identification of the source of the problem that is necessary to ensure safe, clean drinking water.

      The undesirable odor coming from drinking water is often a sign of big problems associated with the tap or pipes. Often the smell is not an indication of the presence of a harmful contaminant, but it may indicate that .... (more_ https: //www.aquaecology.by/informatsiya/novosti/ne ... )

      Why does the water seem sweet?

      Water is a liquid without taste, color and odor. So why did we start talking about the taste of water? Quite a legitimate question. And the answer does not violate the laws of physics. So, briefly:

      ...... http://ecoinform.ru/answers/1313

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