1. Зима пришла – на улице веселье!

    • Winter Games

      Winter fun. Winter continues to delight us with frosty days and soft snow drifts. But a little time for us and our children a left to run through the snow and throw snowballs. And to each of the remaining days of winter was not similar to the previous offer many entertainment options.

      Snow fun. Timeless snowman. Rolling balls for snowmen will warm you up on a cold winter day. Since childhood friend you snowman you can give new images using paint and accessories. You can create a whole family of snowmen. If you play in the snow with very young kids, do snegovichkov too small, not to tire the child.

      Snow sculptures. Do not remove the molds, which the child played in the summer. Snow - the same plastic material with which the mold may also form. For variety, you can use the boxes, jars and pots. A cementing obtained figures, you can create these sculptures. As a "fastening material" you can use small sticks, matches, toothpicks or plain water. As decorations attach to their works berries, grass (it is always there in the snow) or birdseed. And for better safety drench them with water.

      Snow paint. Take polstakanchika water and add food coloring or watercolor. Give your child a few cups of different colors. Spraying paint on snow or filling them cups, he will get stained snow, from which you can make beads, different figures or snegovichkov. You can decorate these paints finished sculpture.

      Ice slide. With it, you can not just slide on a sled, but also on cartons, linoleum, even car tires. On the hill is always a lot of kids. Let them arrange a competition: Who will move down on all those who the fastest. When tired of this entertainment, arrange on the descent from the hill wicket of long rods, through which it will be necessary to drive one descends. So, in the game, the kid will learn to manage their means of transportation. Agility can be developed apart along the slope pins and inviting the child down on a sled, collect them. For kids they are put on the same line, for older kids - zigzag. Or flags can isolate a narrow corridor through which we must pass, knocking obstacles.

      Uspey first. Two or three sleds put parallel to each other at a distance of about 2-3 steps. Guys are each near their sleds right or left, depending on the task conditions. At a signal, each adult children run around your sled and try as quickly as possible to return to the starting position. And can complicate the task of returning to the starting position, sit on the sled.

      Funny race. Sleds are placed on a line, the children sit on them on horseback, lowering his feet on the ground. At the signal "Go!" - Move on sleds to the designated landmark, pushing down. You can move backwards or lying on his stomach.

      Snow removal. Sure each child has a large plastic paddle, which can be used for "cleaning" of snow. Slightly raschistte area near the entrance and be sure to include child benefit of this case, that he felt like an adult. During harvest and can play a bit: to determine which layer of snow has fallen, or how long it takes to meet the starting job from different ends.

      On icy tracks. Can offer a child walking on the icy track, moving his feet on the ice and trying not to fall. Adults with baby take on two sides by the hand and rolled on the icy track or hard-packed snow. Child tries to run up (2-3 steps) and ride a little icy track yourself. If a few kids, you can arrange a competition who gliding on. You can drive a person towards direct and serried feet, or sideways on the serried lines and legs, or back on the straight and slightly spread legs, or squatting, or "swallow".

      Shooting at a target. When the weather is too dirty or cold to spend much time there, and your child itching to move, shooting to target exactly what occupation that he needs. The target can be a tree or a circle in the snow, or bury a tire or a manhole. Arrange Competition: who quickly slapped goal snow, throwing snowballs at her.

      Winter bouncers. Low snow roller indicated with a circle with a diameter of 4-5 m It collects a group of players. Driving becomes a distance of 2-3 m from the circle, at this distance it can move along it. On signal abducens trying to get into any of dodging among children. When the circle drop all leading me to at first retired.

      Snow fortress. Children of all ages happily addicted to building snow forts. In this lesson, you surrender completely to your imagination. During the construction of the fortress, some children like to use a bucket, filling it snow, while others, to build a wall, make great snow balls and pressed together, put them on one another. Build a fortress better in a quiet place away from the sun, where it will have a chance to survive for a few days. You can just dive into the snow and dig it house as Eskimos. Girls will appreciate the small snow hut, plastic dolls.

      Labyrinths and tunnels. When the thickness of the snow cover reaches six inches or more, it is possible to break through the snow mazes and tunnels. With an older child, you can draw on paper in advance of the maze plan. When the maze is ready, pour the water and make it so that the inside surface was very smooth. Structures along the paths can roll balls or toys. For more fun, you can just dig in the snow tunnels, mazes, and for kids - tunnels, which is easy to hide any toys or play hide and seek.

      Angels of snow. Help your child to lie neatly on a big snowdrift. Suppose he will take arms and legs to the side, and then returns to its original position. Then gently lift the baby together and see what angel he turned. Will be even more fun if you do angels together.

      Fifteen. Try walking in the tracks of each other so that your child first step on your own, then you're on his trail. If you walk into a whole company of unruly kids, organize them hits!

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