1. Физиология моего города

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    Why physiology?

    I must say the idea of ​​this project nurtured for a long time.
    In those days (and it was about 4 years ago), I taught literature in the 10th grade. Reaching the realism and its typical heroes, we are faced with the fact that they began to look for the roots of such plausible-typical description of the surroundings. Here also surfaced in my memory lectures on the history of literature of the first third of the XIX century, when the teachers told us about the natural school, about how writers enthusiastically created a collection of short stories "The Physiology of Petersburg."
    And since I do not see any reason to teach classical literature not only as closely related to the present, my mind immediately was born bold idea: what if we turn into detectives and carefully examine the area in which we live? A fresh look at familiar objects that surround us? In addition, we have brought together with students and what we live is something we all close to each other! That is, we can write that everyone is familiar: School Square, shop in the yard, park, where we spend evenings and weekends on a picnic.
    Thus, the experimental task was: to create the physiological sketch, telling about a particular subject, located in our neighborhood, which for some reason seems to student interest, worthy of attention. We previously stipulated that should be in the sketch, but the subject to describe each chooses. I was interested to read essays that students bring. It turned out that they did not indifferent to their surroundings. Moreover, their gaze noticed that I, for example, before the start of the project, was inclined to ignore. I still remember the beautiful description of the strength of its penetrating essay on the bar that long to install in a nearby school yard. Grader wrote it actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, which was felt in every line: simple but expressive sentence emotional style, a passionate desire to tell everyone about how important introduction to the sport in modern life. Another girl, absorbed in the visual arts, even made a series of sketches that represent the same place at different times of day. Result of her observations came very funny. It turned out that each worked in a given direction, but still was not limited by any boundaries. This gave an opportunity to prove that we all did.
    Among other things, I was fascinated by the idea itself to cast their homelands inquisitive look, bringing wrote several essays that were added to our physiological "piggy bank."
    Combining all written texts and made on the spot of our "research" pictures, we got a project that followed writers naturalists called "Physiology of South Butovo." The entire school year with our poster sketches and photographs hanging in the classroom, attracted the attention of students, teachers and parents.
    The idea to pay attention to the other little detail, a subject that may be of interest - it's all the same, that breathe life into it, give it your own destiny and love the place where you live, a little bit more.

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