1. Mushroom expedition

    Where is the mushroom growing, like a man

    In the UK, found a new kind of mushrooms with humanoid forms.

    Briton Jonathan Revett for many years studying fungi. In the county of Norfolk in eastern England, he found a family of mushrooms geastrovye (lat. Geastraceae), not previously known. For this type of fungal spores characteristic spherical shape, with a smooth, warty or prickly surface, and the mushroom in adulthood resembles a star.

    Mushrooms found Revettom had a completely unique shape. They belong to the family Geastraceae was established only by means of tests. The find was called Geastrum britannicum - geastrum British. As a result of further searches strange mushroom was found in 15 places of the UK, and it is not known anywhere else outside the island.

    Scientists are constantly discovering new species of plants and animals. Geastrum britannicum unusual primarily for its outline: they can not be compared with the usual mushrooms, with nothing else. This tiny human figures, characters of "Star Wars" and any other association of the most incredible.

    http: //www.nat-geo.ru/nature/188927-gde-rastet-gri ...

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