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    Summing up the March Freeze

    Dear friends!

    The results of this project were quite diverse.

    So participants from Marx pointed out that they are having difficulty because of the area was covered with snow, in other places the snow has melted and the soil temperature at these points are different, so they decided to average values. I think that I would have chosen in their place a single point measurement is likely without snow and wrote about the conditions of the measurements in the text field of the questionnaire.

    Participants from Astrakhan observed typical spring picture that confirms many other profiles. The soil surface warmed by the sun is strong enough, and at a depth of 10 cm temperature drops sharply. The deeper the soil temperature is below. It is known, for example, that the potatoes can be planted when the soil warms up to 10 ° C, and in Astrakhan at a depth of 20 cm only 5 ° C, is obtained for gardening early.

    Participants from SHNOU "Vita" made in your profile detailed findings:

    1. The temperature on the surface of the soil is higher than the air temperature.
    2. When the wind blows the air temperature varies slightly, the soil temperature remains almost unchanged.
    3. When lowering the electrode to a depth in the soil, the temperature slightly decreases.

    Soil temperature have been significantly lower than in Astrakhan, which is not surprising, as more snow is preserved.

    In St. Petersburg, there was no snow, the soil is warmed better than in Rzhev, but the trend is similar, the deeper, the lower the temperature of the soil.

    Maybe you can share with us their own findings and observations?

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