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    September still image in a project about the birch

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    Dear Colleagues!

    Watching birches began in August, and will only be completed by the end of October, and can be somewhere and later. However, in this study, we have a rare opportunity to assess the state of birch trees over a wide area in a single day (or at least for a brief time period) thanks to the participants of the September simultaneous still image. Let us look at the birch in autumn equinox!

    Applying a filter to the image gallery Sort by date and latitude, we see different colors of the birch is completely yellowed and green, from the northern to the most southern.

    Most birches by this time entered the stage of the beginning of the autumn coloring of leaves and birch from Muravlenko already fully turned yellow.

    Our members are willing to continue to monitor the birches to fully capture all of the changes that occur with them this fall.

    Let's share your observations in the comments to this article Diary of a researcher.

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