1. Весенний прилёт птиц

    What happened

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    People paid attention to the birds began to look closely, to observe, to share with the community observations. Good!

    If we got new knowledge? Not sure. Each of the participants, of course, something learned for the first time. Good! As one of Germany's environmental camp told me: "Our task - not that people knew very well the nature and the fact that they thought about it.

    Perhaps our project also solves this problem. Open eyes, ears; included attention - there is a new (well forgotten old) interest.

    Nevertheless, while apparently - a break. Although not all flew everywhere (country-that, though small and big!) Profile came last May 11. I myself nakidal just 7 more pieces of observation in Kazakhstan. Stop the car!

    Although, if someone will notice and take a picture, determine send a must! We are very interested.

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