1. Берёзы жёлтою резьбой...

    Birch day-to-day

    If the same participants are watching the same tree and fill in the project several profiles corresponding to the achievement of different phenophases, the gallery of images drawn a very interesting picture. We can sort the pictures by author then birch one point - from the same website aligned together. When this is clearly seen as the tree has passed from the beginning of the autumn coloration of leaves to complete defoliation. Each photo is marked the date, so you can immediately estimate how many days it took and compare it with those of other participants. It is also known that the individual terms of seasonal development are very different for each tree. For example, near my home on October 10, there is one full birch in autumn colored and half leafless, two colored and two half just started changing colors of the leaves. And the trees grow in pairs, each pair has one hard-yellowing, and the second is just starting to turn yellow. Individual researcher must either watch from a lot of trees, which is much more difficult, or only one tree, but then it was strictly a tree year after year. Teaming up on the Global Lab, we have the opportunity to observe a smaller number of trees each, as long as there were a lot of participants in each city.

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