1. Зачем нужна математика?

    Subsequent findings as well as an interesting proposal.

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    According to the results of 38 completed questionnaires, my hypothesis has become more and more rather. The majority of children of ten and eleven no difficulty can not be said about the other guys. After reviewing your questionnaire I had the idea - not whether to create a group in which each of us will be divided and given some of his methods. Each participant will be invited there. Will address the following issues:

    -I can not always remember the rules (write as you memorize the rules)

    -Sometimes they arise with Roman numerals (which is written by the entire Roman numerals, as well as the rules of making a memo) is the solution of non-standard examples (from the discussion will be chosen by the two best examples and solved with a full explanation)

    -delenie to zero (non-existent)

    -problem (as will select one problem and solved with explanations)

    -We Mathematics is divided into two sections: algebra and geometry, so me most difficult geometry (which is the task of geometry)

    -Search lowest common divisor, the least common multiple search (naiudachneyshy will be presented and the way)

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