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    About binoculars

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    People asked what is better to use binoculars in our business.

    Field! (Not theater). Large - lens diameter not less than 40 mm (40 mm and more - too big and heavy). Professionals prefer to use in the woods 8X binoculars. In the open field - the more multiple the better. But more than 15 short - is also very heavy and large. Moreover, the multiplicity is more than the more affected hand shake. So I prefer the 10-kratniki. Some people use binoculars with zoom, ie, with variable multiplicity. For example, from 10 to forty. In my opinion, this is - mischief.

    So Field binoculars 10x40 (10-fold approach, diameter 40 mm). Russian. Although better - Japanese. And even better - ... The more expensive the better. We will come and Russian at first.

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