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    Dear participants of the project!

    Most people living on earth, walking with eyes wide shut and do not even suspect that live near some other creature. A world they only know the tales. We are with you all along, trying to see the world as it is. Such we cranks: we are interested in!

    And what is surprising: every now and then come out questionnaires about arrival of birds in which the photo - from the Internet. The participants of our project, reporting on his personal observations, indicating his address, date of observation and bird species, illustrate the message photo, allegedly of this bird, but only copied from the Internet. And often - with the logo of the author. I - curator of the project, once I start to look for the source of the photo and see: it is used in many publications, often - quite ignorant and senseless, almost anywhere - without the author picture. Instead of obtaining new knowledge, we   continue to live in a fairy tale, and, in a cheesy tale. Of course, I immediately block these profiles.

    But why is it all happening?

    I see several reasons.

    First, perhaps, we - the authors and curators of projects that are not explained very clear that it is necessary to picture that same bird you observed. And is not the same! That picture made ​​by you on the spot observation makes profile source of knowledge for all participants. If you have incorrectly identified the bird - not scary: that is what we are to determine exactly on the picture! If you do not define a steep turn to the more skilled.

    Second: Member sure pinpointed the bird, and was unable to make a picture. And takes from the Internet to the questionnaire was "full." And this destroys the whole thing. But it is - a consequence of the first reason (we badly explained).

    Third, doing nothing, just as usual by pressing buttons light up in a global project. Avos, praise, and maybe something will ... We certainly do not praise, do not give, but take note .. .

    Please friends send profiles with personally made photos! Or - even without a photo, but better - with photos! Even if they are not very clear: try to understand.

    Destination continues. Forward profiles. Send us soon! Good luck!

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