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    The contest "Interview with a professional"

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    Occupation - pieces you need! Even the characters of our favorite books and movies, as a rule, can not do without it.

    Imagine that you are in a world where you live hero beloved works. And in this world, you also have a profession - you are a young journalist. Editorial set you a task: to interview the chosen character.
    A true professional (the title of which you certainly are applying for) is never in an interview unprepared. At a minimum, it is pre-assembled as much information about your future companion and is a sample list of questions that he asks.

    In addition, a real journalist respects not only to the interviewee, but also to the readers. Therefore, he does not ask questions, the answers to which are on the surface and are well known to all: do not get cool stuff. Yes, and the source may be difficult to be taken to ensure that the conversation with him is not prepared and do not know basic things.
    So, our competition will be dedicated to just this interview.

    To participate:
    - Select any character from a book, a movie, a cartoon or comic strip.
    The main thing that you have been precisely known his profession.
    - Learn the professional way the hero, a situation in which he found himself, the events that influenced his choice of profession.
    - Make a list of questions. Warning! The answer to the question should not duplicate information that you already have collected in the study professionalnog the path of the hero. For example, it is not necessary to ask the Doctor Dr. Dolittle, whether it treats animals. But you can ask exactly when he decided to devote his life to the animals, and that influenced his decision.

    - From 14 April to 1 May place in the comments on this post:
    a) The name of the selected character;
    b) the product, where it appears;
    c) the name of his profession and a list of questions.

    Hint: it will be easier to cope with the task, if you are familiar with the articles for beginners interviewers .

    Reception work - until May 1.
    The prize - a monthly subscription rate "s research" - will get the party whose comment will score the most "likes".
    Vote for your favorite comments can be from 1 to 11 May.

    Best of luck!

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