1. Берёзы жёлтою резьбой...

    Meet with autumn birch!

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    We have chosen for our autumn freeze-frame is birch, despite the fact that the fall of a single tree more beautiful than another, by chance! It turns out that the beginning of autumn phenology believe the day will appear in the crown of the first yellow birch strands. After all, this tree is very unusual yellow leaves: from whole branches. The results of our still image clearly shows that the spread of autumn events is very large: thus in Kurgan, which is closer to the south, on birches hardly appeared yellow strands in Moscow birch heyday half, and the more northern Yamal - birch is completely yellowed. Guys from Muravlenko very sincerely talked about their Birches. Now it is important to continue our observations of the same birches and complete project data when all the trees are fully acquire the autumn color of leaves and defoliation completely.

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