1. This Is Me

    You've submitted data about your towns, schools and classes. Now tell us a little about yourself.

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    This Is Me

    What makes us similar? What makes each of us unique? In the prior projects, we learned about the world in which we live—our environment, our home town, and our schools. Now, we’ll dig a little deeper and learn about ourselves as people. We’ll each create a profile of ourselves by describing some of our likes and interests.

    How old are we? What do we like to do? What are our favorite school subjects? How many brothers and sisters do we have? What do we like to drink? Do we have plans for after high school?

    To further bring each of us to life, we’ll write a short story about ourselves. We also have the option of submitting a photo of something that represents you to create a photo gallery of GlobalLab participants. We encourage teachers to join in.

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