1. Ships of thoughts

    English Renaissance thinker Francis Bacon said long ago, “books are the ships which pass through the vast sea of time.” Let’s investigate what kind of literature school children from different regions read. And we can also find out how often they read.

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    Ships of thoughts

    Reading books has always been considered good for the development of the soul, a liberalizing force, and a culturally enriching experience. Love of reading begins in childhood: with fairy tales read by parents and with some of the first interesting stories one reads on one’s own. For many people reading remains their love for life. Unfortunately, in recent years one can see a decline in many children’s interest in reading. Our group investigation will allow students to find out how often their cohorts read and what genre of literature is preferred in different regions. Through these discussions participants will be able to talk about books they read and learn about new books, as well. As for teachers, parents, and specialists they will receive data about the contemporary attitude of children toward reading and maybe also think about their own attitude towards it.

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