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    Money is an essential part of people's culture. Banknotes and coins reflect the history, development and achievements of the country they belong to. What do you know about the money of different countries?

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    Money, money....

    Money is an universal means of payment and exchange. It appeared thousands of years ago. First people used things like animal skins and precious metals as money. But it wasn’t easy to carry and store these things. The money we use nowadays is made of paper and cheap metals.

    According to Wikipedia the country's money supply consists of currency (banknotes and coins). The currency of every country is unique. There are no absolutely identical banknotes and coins. They represent a certain country and their design is not random. Every banknote/coin reflects the history, development and achievements of the country it belongs to.

    Collecting money of different countries is a hobby of some people. In this way people try to recall the places they have visited.

    Have you ever thought that the illustrations on the banknotes and coins can tell you a lot of interesting and useful things about the history and culture of the country they belong to?

    In this project we will collect information about the banknotes and coins of different countries which are in use nowadays. Let's find banknotes and coins of different denominations of some country in the Internet and try to learn more about them with the help of the illustrations on their back and front sides.

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