1. Mother Goose Stories

    Who is Mother Goose? A water bird with a red beak or an elderly woman from Oxford? Why do little children so much love her stories or as they are also called “rhymes”?

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    Mother Goose Stories

    You definitely have read funny stories about Barabek, Humpty-Dumpty, brave tailors and the man "crooked legs" translated by the wonderful children's writers Chukovsky and Marshak. Did you know that these poems are taken from a big book called "Mother Goose Stories” or “Mother Goose Rhymes”?

    "Mother Goose Rhymes” is a collection of children's English folklore, which includes a variety of poems-songs, rhymes, jokes, lullabies, tall tales, teasers and even horror stories. The first collection was published in England in 1760 and included only 52 poems. The modern edition includes about 700 children's poems, songs, counting rhymes, riddles and tongue twisters. Some of them appeared more than four centuries ago!

    Perhaps there is not a single child in English-speaking countries who does not know this book. Let us get acquainted with new heroes and their adventurers in the land of Mother Goose tales, share what is so attractive in them and find out why nursery rhymes are important for little children.

    And, who is Mother Goose? We hope that during the work on the project, you will be able to find an answer to this question.

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