1. My Greetings

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    How do you commonly greet your friends? Let’s compile a map of how we greet each other in our countries.

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    My Greetings

    We greet people everyday, but how often do we actually think of what we’re saying?

    Do you people from other countries mean the same that we do when they greet each other?

    When it comes to saying hello, how do you choose between

    “Good afternoon” and “What’s up?” (formal and informal greetings*)

    Does it depend on who you are greeting?

    How do you and your friends greet each other? Do you use a formal or informal greeting?

    In this project, we’ll discover the greetings we use around the world and what we actually mean when we use our greetings.

    We’ll explore if greetings vary from culture to culture, and if greetings vary from one age group to another within a culture.Finally, we’ll explore if groups within a culture develop their own greetings for communicating with each other.

    *The formal greetings are widely accepted and used throughout a culture. If you use your own particular greeting with your friends and peers, we’ll call this an informal greeting.

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