1. "Runglish" – what is it?

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    A lot of words and whole expressions have appeared in the Russian speech recently. Sometimes these words are incomprehensible to us, and it seems that some people speak a peculiar language, which, indeed, has a name - "Runglish". Do you or your friends speak such a language?

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    Runglish – what is it?

    In this project, I propose:

    - to understand the types of the Runglish;

    - analyze expressions used by certain groups of people (adults, peers); inscriptions on shop windows, clothing; frequency of use of Runglish in the media, movies, music and books.

    - determine which type of Runglish the words and expressions you have collected belong to.

    The study will help answer a number of questions: Is such a mixture of Russian and English justified? How consciously is Runglish used by people and how is it related to the educational level, interests and professional affiliation of the speaker? Is it worth fighting such a "clogging" of Russian speech and in what way?

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