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    Our environment is in danger. Ecological problems are considered to be the most important on our planet. What do you know about them? What can we do to protect the environment?

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    Save me!

    Have you ever heard the Earth crying? Do you feel its pain and groan? It sounds strange but real more than ever. The Earth is trying to draw our attention sending heavy rains and snowfalls, storms, heatwaves, droughts, powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, floods and strong fires.

    And it is our fault!

    The Earth is heated up by burning fossil fuels; forests are cut down; thousands of cars are stuck in traffic jams releasing poisonous gases into the atmosphere; millions of tonnes of waste are thrown every day into the streets, water (rivers, seas, lakes, ponds), parks, forests. But it is not waste until you waste it!

    So...what on earth can we do?

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