1. Influence of music on the human mind and health.

    There are many different kinds of music– from quiet and relaxing to loud and heavy. Everyone knows that music can cheer someone up or fuel their anger. So, how do different styles of music influence us?

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    Influence of music on the human mind and health.

    Music influences people’s minds differently, depending on someone’s character, temperament, and other personal qualities. There are sounds that have a positive influence on the mind and cheer people up, but there are other sounds that cause unrest and sometimes make a person feel worse. Music can also cause excessive stimulation and even fuel obsessive behavior. Whatever the reaction, music has both an intellectual and physical effect on us. Other examples are seen in the way music can reduce muscle tension and raise a body’s mobility and coordination levels.

    Listening to music at home, work, or school can help to balance the left hemisphere of the brain (responsible for logic) and the right one (responsible more for intuition). If you cannot concentrate or are lost in thought, listening to music by Mozart or other Baroque composers for 10-15 minutes will help clear the mind and will raise your concentration level.

    All sounds, music included, have a small but powerful influence on the temperature of our body. Loud music with heavy rhythm can raise the temperature of our body several degrees while soft music with loose or muted rhythm can decrease it.

    Music changes our perception of time as well. We can choose the type of music we listen to in order to make our actions quicker or slower. Some music, like a march, can cause our steps to speed up. Classical and baroque music can encourage a more relaxed pace. Romantic music or orchestra sounds help to soften tense atmospheres. Music can also improve memory and learning ability. Performing aerobics to a lively tune makes us feel better and more energetic; the same holds true for school exercises.

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