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    Idioms are the most interesting issue of any language. English is very rich in idioms. They reflect the history, outlook, traditions,the character, customs, lifestyle and humor of native speakers. Knowing of English idioms enriches vocabulary, helps remember words, develops memory, and improves our understanding the culture of the Englishmen. But English idioms are difficult to remember. Let's try to imagine idioms and draw them to make the way of memorizing better.

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    When Pigs Fly

    In this project it is offered to pay attention to English sustainable phrases like idioms and proverbs.

    Firstly, we should learn to differ idioms and proverbs. Another interesting fact is that they can be divided into different groups according to the content of lexis in them, e.g: animals, colours, parts of the body, natural fenomena and other ones. Idioms and proverbs, which include names of animals are of great interest. It is not by chance. Animals have been people's friends since times immemorable and in proverbs they characterize human being: life experience, wisdom, skills. Many idioms give subjective assessment of human behavior.

    It is difficult to remember the idioms of any foreign language because the translation from one language into another one can be absolutely different. Also it's not easy to understand the meaning of some idioms and the appropriateness of the use of many of them. Moreover, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate Russian equivalent of the proverb or the idiom. It is not quite understandable, why they say: "The cat may look at the king " or "Grin like a Cheshire cat". Obviously, the use of any proverb is associated with the history of the country, culture and folk traditions.In this case, " The cat may look at the king" means that the Englishmen have a special reverence for the cat and this idiom can be used if one wants to express the admiration to somebody. The person who has ever read or watched the film "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll will remember and understand the proverb about the Cheshire cat immediately.

    To remember the English proverbs and idioms, let's try to draw them. For doing it you need some creativity and imagination.

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