1. Where do Barn Swallows Nest?

    Swallow nests made out of small clay-pellets pasted together can be easily found glued to building structures everywhere. Let us examine where exactly swallows live.

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    Where do Barn Swallows Nest?

    If there are swallows in your area, you are certainly familiar with the unique nests they construct under the roofs and perches of people's homes and other buildings.

    But have you ever seen a barn swallow nest in the wild?

    How is it that an undomesticated bird lives in such close proximity to humans? And where do you think it more likely you will find a barn swallow next- in a city or in the wilderness?

    In this project, we shall search out various places where barn swallows build their nests and, once found, mark them on the map.

    Since this longitudinal study is going to last several years, we will be able to tell whether the quantity of the nests on man-made structures is changing over time. This, in turn, may aid us in determining whether or not this avian species is adapting successfully to the challenges that accompany life in an ever decreasing wilderness habitat.

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