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      My Private Space

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    2. Stage 1 . What are your room rules?
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    3. Where are you from? 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
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    4. Do you have a room of your own? 
    5. What are your most favourite things in the room? Why do you like them? 
      This question is optional.
    6. Do your share your room with your siblings? 
    7. How often do you clean your room? 
    8. How do you feel yourself in your room? 
    9. What would you like to change in your room? 
    10. Drag-and-drop your poster "My room rules" 
    11. Stage 2 . Conclusion
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    12. Where can you use your room rules except this project?