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      Clothes Do Not Make the Man

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    2. Stage 1 . Clothes can tell us a lot about people's character, hobbies, professions
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    3. Where are you from? 
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    4. Do you like to keep up with the latest fashion? 
    5. Do you like getting dressed up? 
    6. What style of clothes do you prefer for everyday use? 
    7. What style of clothes do you wear on special occasions? 
    8. What material is the most comfortable for you to wear every day? 
      • Select all that apply.
    9. What pattern do you prefer? 
    10. What is your favourite color in clothes? 
      • Select all that apply.
    11. What does your favourite color tell about you?  Describe yourself using at least 5 adjectives. Add more information.
    12. Do you think fashionable clothes really change the way a person looks? 
    13. Do clothes a person wears depend on his/her character? 
    14. Where do you often buy clothes? 
    15. Who do you buy clothes with? 
    16. Do your parents approve your style? 
    17. Would you like to change something in yourself? 
    18. What would you like to change in yourself? 
    19. Write a proverb about clothes, fashion or people's look which describes your attitude to the topic most of all. 
    20. Stage 2 .
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    21. Did you learn anything new about yourself doing this project? 
    22. Can clothes affect your mood and success in business during the day?