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      Heads or Tails?

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    3. Heads' photo  Upload the photograph of the coin’s head—the side not showing its value.
    4. Tails' photo   Upload the photograph of the coin's tails—the side with its value.
    5. Country of Origin  What is your coin's country of origin?
    6. Name of the Currency  What is the name of your coin’s currency? (For example, a penny, a nickel, a quarter, a pound, etc.)
    7. Denomination  What is your coin's value? (For example, ten cents, twenty-five cents, one dollar, etc.)
    8. Total Number of Experiments  How many times did you toss the coin?
    9. Number of Heads' Results  How many times in your experiment did the coin land heads up?
    10. Relative Frequency  What was the frequency of heads in your experiment? This value is calculated as the ratio of heads to the total number of tosses in your table. It must equal the reply to Question 8 divided by the reply to Question 7. Please check it.