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    3. Your gender  In GlobalLab, we don’t usually ask for the gender of participants, but we’re making an exception for this project. Entering your gender is optional, but if you do, we might learn something interesting about how many boys and girls each feel about sports.
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    4. Do you like to play sports? 
    5. Favorite sports  Choose your favorite sport. “Football” refers to American/Canadian football. If your favorite sport is not listed, select “other” and write your favorite sport in the text field.
    6. How do you play?  Do you play your favorite sport in school, on your own with friends, or you don’t play a sport.
    7. What influenced your choice of sports?  Why do you think you chose your favorite sport? If you select “other,” briefly write in the text field what influenced you to choose your favorite sport?
    8. Going Pro?  Do you think you have a serious chance of becoming a professional athlete? No wishful thinking here.
    9. Please post a picture of your sports here.  
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    10. Please tell us something about your sports activities. What sports do/did you play? How often do you play? Do you have any sporting accomplishments? What do you want to achieve with your sport? How do sports help you in your life?