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      It's Time to Celebrate

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    2. Stage 1 . How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
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    3. Where are you from? 
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    4. Do you celebrate your birthday? 
    5. Who do you like to celebrate your birthday with? 
    6. Do you prefer to learn abour your present in advance? 
    7. What is the best present you have ever got? 
    8. Where do you prefer to celebrate your birthday? 
    9. Write a list of things you want to get for your birthday 
    10. Is it easy for you to choose birthday presents for your relatives or friends? 
    11. Make a list of presents for your family members  Write the names of your family members, their birthdays and a present for each member of the family. E.g: Mum ( March,5th) - flowers and sweets.
    12. Imagine it's your birthday. Write an invitation card to your best friend  Try to do it creatively. Don't forget to write the date,the place and the address of the celebration.
    13. Stage 2 . Reflexion questions
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    14. Is it difficult to write an invitation card?