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      Which Berry is the Most Acidic?

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    2. Location of the experiment. 
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    3. Date of the experiment. 
    4. Common name of the berry selected for testing  Provide the common name of the berry selected for testing, and its Latin name, if possible.
    5. Photo of the berry. 
    6. How sour is your berry?  Express the sourness of your berry on a scale 1 to 7
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    7. Can you guess pH–value of the juice based on the taste of the juice?  Taste the berry you selected and make a guess on pH–values of it's juice.
    8. pH–value of the berry: the first measurement. 
    9. pH–value of the berry: the second measurement. 
    10. pH–value of the berry: the third measurement.  Using digital pH-probe, laboratory pH-meter, litmus paper or universal pH indicator measure pH value of freely squeezed juice obtained from the berry that you selected for your investigation.
    11. pH of the juice: the average pH–value of the juice.  Average pH–value is calculated autоamtically and will appear in your Report Form after submitting.
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    12. What method did you use to determine the value of pH? 
    13. Is is it possible there a connection between the taste of a berry and pH-value of its juice?  Based on the comparison you have just made between the taste of the berries and pH value of the juice do you think is that possible to predict pH of the berries based on their taste?
    14. Who may be the champion in acidity among berries?  Make a guess about the most acidic berry.
    15. Area of the world  Outline the area of the world where your berry is abundant
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