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    5. Your Greeting Written  Write down how you commonly greet your friends and peers. If you use a greeting common in your culture, but give it a particular pronunciation, like emphasizing specific words, please reflect this in your reply. Use capital letters and punctuation marks to indicate your pronunciation.
    6. Your Greeting Recorded  Make an audio recording of your greeting and upload it. Press the record button and speak your greeting as if you were meeting a friend. Stop the record button when done.
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    7. Is Your Greeting Formal or Informal?  Do you and your friends use a greeting that is commonly used in your culture (a formal greeting) or do you have a special greeting that you use with each other (an informal greeting)?
    8. Your Greeting's Meaning  What do you actually mean to say with your greeting? Choose an option below or suggest your own.
    9. Stage 2 . Заключение
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    10. Сопровождаются ли приветственные слова определённой мимикой, жестами и позой? 
    11. Было ли вам интересно работать над проектом?   Напишите, что стало самым интересным.