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    2. Note on the map the place where a problem has been detected and you have helped to reduce it. 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
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    3. What problem you want to solve?  For example : "Birds is difficult to survive without food".
    4. What a simple thing you propose to solve?  We remind SIMPLE affair, not requiring global costs. "To tear down the plant, because it spoil ecology" is no good. Because you will have to do it together with your friends yourself.
    5. your team simple things  Write, who together with you worked
    6. The number of participants in your project 
    7. The work plan. 
    8. What did it take to do this thing 
    9. What have you got the result  You were able to fix the problem? If you have completed only partially, write here why it happened. .
    10. What would you advise those who want to do the same thing. 
    11. What is the Best time for this project 
    12. Instruction on safety 
    13. If you have detailed instructions, poster or leaflet, please add it here 
      Please upload from 1 to 5 pictures
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    14. Photo "problem" 
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    15. Photo-report "We help the planet" 
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    16. Do you plan to continue working?  Is there a need to repeat the project? If it requires to do, not once, how often?
    17. The place where you made your project  name of city, name of the village, name of the area....Please write in brief