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      Does pH Go with the Fizz?

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    4. What drink did you choose to study?  Specify the name of the drink you have tested. If you see the name of the drink in the tooltip, select it by pointing the cursor and “clicking” on it using computer mouse.
    5. When did you measure pH? 
    6. pH beverage. The first measurement. 
    7. pH beverage. The second measurement. 
    8. pH beverage. The third measurement. 
    9. pH beverage. Average value.  Learn the average pH of your drink afetr sending in your Report Form or in the “Findings”. This value will be considered as the acidity of the drink.
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    10. What method do you determine the value of pH? 
    11. How does the pH (acidity) of your drink change over time??  What determines soda pH and its change after opening sealed container it is stored in. Do you think various ingredients that make up the drink can affect its pH and how the pH changes over time after opening sealed container with the drink?